Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours

Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours commenced in 2009 and is one of the most unique tourism experiences in Australia. Using a horse drawn wagon that was purpose built at Leahton Park along with the harness made in the Bethel Saddlery saddle shop, guests are taken by horse drawn wagon to view the largest herd of full blood Texas Longhorns in the country. The full experience also includes a traditional Aussie smoko of billy tea and camp oven cooked damper and other home-cooked delicacies. There is also an informative tour of the Bethel Saddlery saddle shop. The smoko is served from a fully outfitted exact replica chuck wagon, made in Texas by Glenn Morelend.

Another option for visitors is the Texas Longhorn Safari which gives guests the opportunity to experience the Texas Longhorns in a way that no other mechanical means allow. The Safari vehicles are all-terrain eight seat Polaris Rangers which can pretty well go anywhere. There is more information to be found on the Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours website

Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours have featured on television shows such as 'No Leave No Life', 'Making Tracks', 'Queensland Weekender', Hamish & Andy's 'Caravan of Courage', Channel Seven's 'Sunrise', Doctor Harry on 'Better Homes and Gardens' just to name a few and are a multi award winning attraction.

Check out the video collection the Leahton Park YouTube Channel.