About Us

Following on from a lifelong interest in Texas Longhorns, Horseshoe B Longhorns was started in 1996 by Michael & Lynda Bethel and is now firmly established at their 1100 acre property Leahton Park, close to Charters Towers, North Queensland as one of the leading breeders of Texas Longhorns in Australia. They also run a popular tourist attraction - Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours & Safaris at the property with a feature animal, their 2013 Guinness World Record horned steer JR whose horns now exceed 10' 3" or 3.1 metres measured from tip to tip.

Utilizing embryo transfer ensured this venture began with only top quality genetics, some being the first of their lines in Australia. The original source of this herd was from Semkin Longhorns, Oklahoma. It was from these humble beginnings that Horseshoe B Longhorns has now grown to now be one of the largest herds of USA registered Texas Longhorns in Australia. AI Sires imported from the USA are being used and all full blood Longhorns are registered with the International Texas Longhorn Association. Cattle are also registered with Texas Longhorns Australia.

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