Texas Longhorns in Australia!

Welcome to Horseshoe B Longhorns, one of the largest herds of registered full blood Texas Longhorns in Australia, situated just north of Charters Towers in the heart of North Queensland cattle country. We have been dedicated to breeding and improving the quality of Texas Longhorns in Australia since 1996.
Horseshoe B Longhorns herd sire HBL Yellowstone (Cut 'N Dried x HBL Laramie)

We are passionate about breeding Texas Longhorn cattle with a strong emphasis on structure, fertility & temperament. Over the last twenty years we have provided the opportunity for breeders across the country to establish their own Texas Longhorn herd.

Utilizing embryo transfer ensured this venture began with only top quality genetics, some being the first of their lines in Australia. The original source of this herd was from Semkin Longhorns, Oklahoma. It was from these humble beginnings that this herd has grown to now be the biggest herd of registered full blood Texas Longhorns in Australia. AI Sires from several breeders in the USA are being used and all of our full blood Longhorns are registered with the International Texas Longhorn Association. We also register cattle with Texas Longhorns Australia.

Using Artificial Insemination, Horseshoe B Longhorns are using the best AI Sires available in Australia and some of the best in the world. USA imported bulls like Cut 'N Dried, Spokesman, Victory Lap, Drag Iron, 50 Amp, Line Up, Tuxedo, Sam Chex 708, Dash For Cash, Respect Me, Rodeo Max, BH Bubba, Hunt's Hot Copy, Tempter, Well Armed, Fugitive, Trip Wire, Superman, Rebel Red, Westward Ho, Cowboyman and Cowabunga Dude, Snowy River to name a few.

In 2015, we bred our first African Ankole/Watusi cattle. Using some excellent Watusi semen sourced from the USA we crossed this huge horned African breed over full blood Texas Longhorn cows and the result was a lovely, colourful and huge horned animal. By 2020 we had several F2 (75% Ankole-Watusi/25% Texas Longhorn) and now have have the first of our F3 Ankole-Watusi.

Enjoy browsing this site, have a look at the Texas Longhorn History page and some of the spectacular photographs of our Longhorn herd. If you require further information, are thinking of starting your own herd in Australia or are looking to buy a trophy steer or two, please phone or email your enquiry or interest to us. We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible Registered Texas Longhorns with gentle dispositions, plenty of colours & horns of all types. We also sell a range of Texas Longhorn products including bleached skulls, horns and tanned cowhides.

For an unforgettable and unique experience, be sure to join us on a Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour if you are ever in the historic Charters Towers area of North Queensland or if you are planning a trip to this historical part of Australia.
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