Cows & Heifers

We have spent a lot of years using selective breeding to upgrade our Texas Longhorn cow herd. Apart from the initial importation of frozen embryos, the vast majority of our herd has been bred by artificial insemination using some of best Longhorn genetics out of the USA. We have seen an exponential improvement in the quality of our cow herd especially in the last 5 or 6 years. All of our cows and heifers possess a gentle and quiet temperament with those heritable traits showing through in their offspring.

Milly was our first 72 inch + horned cow - her horns now exceed 96 inches from tip to tip

Below is a selection of our current herd of cows and heifers. The photo shows the name along with the sire and dam of each of our females. It has been a privilege to have helped start a number of breeders off in Australia with their own Texas Longhorn herd so if you are interested in the same and want to own a piece of living history please contact us for more information and availability of cattle for sale.

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