2022 Trails West Texas Longhorn Sale

Below are the cattle we are offering for sale at the annual 'Trails West' Texas Longhorn Sale being held in Roma, Queensland on March 26, 2022. All of our cattle are well handled, have great temperaments and are worthy additions to your Longhorn herd. Go to the Trails West Texas Longhorns website more information on the sale.

Please let us know if you are interested in starting your own Texas Longhorn herd or even if you want to own a spectacular trophy steer or two. We have our own purpose built gooseneck trailer and have delivered cattle from Melbourne to Darwin and a lot of places in between. We almost always have cattle for sale, they are all well handled so if you are looking for something unique and want to own a piece of living history please let us know.

You can get in touch with the Contact Us form or call us on 0439 111 769 - if we can't take the call just leave a message and we will get back to you.

Full Blood Heifer. Reg# ITLA 285172 DOB: 8-2-20
Sire: SAM CHEX 708
Joaquin | BL Sadie
Drag Iron | HBL Melanee
Exotica, with her blend of excellent and hard to access genetics provides the opportunity to get it all in one package. Her Drag Iron mother Julee Jane is one the most striking and outstanding Texas Longhorns ever bred in Australia and her sire Sam Chex 708 - 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 TLBAA Horn Showcase tip to tip champion as well as 2018 bull Alley Champion has a reputation that certainly precedes him. Exotica has been pregnancy tested positive to the superb USA Cut 'N Dried - a son of Guinness World holder Cowboy Tuff Chex and will calve later in the year. Aptly named Exotica will add value to any herd and we are proud to be offering her for sale here. Her horns recently measured 54 1/4" from tip to tip.

SAM CHEX 708 (Joaquin x BL Sadie) — HBL JULEE JANE (Drag Iron x HBL Melanee)
EXOTICA is preg tested in calf to: CUT 'N DRIED (Cowboy Tuff Chex x Dragon Pearl)

Full Blood Heifer. Reg# ITLA 285162 DOB: 15-1-20
Cowboy Tuff | BL Angle
BH Bubba | HBL Lonesome Dove
Welcome Me is a well grown heifer that will add colour, horns and size to your herd. Her sire Well Armed is a half brother to Guinness World Records holder Cowboy Tuff Chex and her dam Lonesome Me is one of the best young cows in the Horseshoe B Longhorn herd. We have retained several Well Armed daughters as they are all excellent females and provide unique outcross breeding here in Australia. She is heavy in calf to the big horned Tempter bull High Tensile who is a son of HBL Milly - our 92+ inch Drag Iron Daughter. She is absolutely 'hands on' gentle and is sure to become your herd favourite.
WELL ARMED (Cowboy Tuff x BL Angle) - HBL LONESOME ME (BH Bubba x HBL Lonesome Dove)
WELCOME ME is preg tested in calf to: HIGH TENSILE (Tempter x HBL Milly)

Full Blood Heifer. Reg# ITLA 287846 DOB: 12-9-20
Non Stop | Shy Hand
Jet Black Chex | HBL Mocha
Lady Bird's sire is the outstanding black and white bull Spokesman. She is a very trim and correct bodied heifer with nice colour and on track to also have excellent horns. Her mother, Blackbird is a lovely Jet Black Chex cow with solid horn genetics and like her sire is coal black in colour. Her sire Spokesman is a traffic stopping true black & white bull with all black horns. If you are wanting to add high quality black and white genetics to your herd you will love Lady Bird.

SPOKESMAN (Non Stop x Shy Hand) - HBL BLACKBIRD (Jet Black Chex x HBL Mocha)

Full Blood Heifer. Reg# ITLA 287858 DOB: 21-2-21
Non Stop | Shy Hand
Rodeo Max ST | HBL Malibu
Madison is a very pretty heifer out of our amazing Rodeo Max cow Miami who has size, colour, horns, & productivity in abundance. Her sire Spokesman is a traffic stopping true black & white bull with all black horns. Like all of our cattle, the solid genetics run back a long way and it is the same with this one. She is very feminine and we love her a lot. If you want guaranteed colour, horns and size, we are sure you will fall in love with Madison too.

SPOKESMAN (Non Stop x Shy Hand) - HBL MIAMI (Rodeo Max ST x HBL Malibu)

Full Blood Heifer. Reg# ITLA 287849 DOB: 22-11-20
Cowboy Tuff Chex | Dragon Pearl
Hunts Dash For Cash | HBL Drag Princess
Desert Queen is a big standout heifer and is only being sold so other Texas Longhorn breeders in Australia can get an opportunity to access the world class genetics that this heifer possesses. Her mother Drag Queen has the longest total horn we have ever bred, or know of in Australia for a female her age. This is the first time we have been able to make available the rare and unique Dash For Cash genetics. Her sire is the superb Cut 'N Dried - a son of Guinness World holder Cowboy Tuff Chex.. We are confident that Desert Queen could very well end up being the best cow in your herd so whatever you do don't miss the chance to bid on this outstanding heifer.

CUT 'N DRIED (Cowboy Tuff Chex x Dragon Pearl) - HBL DRAG QUEEN (Hunts Dash For Cash x HBL Drag Princess)

Purebred Heifer. Reg# TLA HBLTP2103 DOB: 20-9-20
Tuxedo | HBL Drag Princess
Well Armed | HBL Cherry Ripe
Rodeo Rose is a very quiet, big bodied registered purebred heifer with excellent genetics. Her mother, Cherry Rose is out of a cow who is full sister to former Guinness World record holder JR and her sire is Road Iron a Tuxedo bull we bred that has matured into a nice sire. Her mother's sire Well Armed, is a half brother to Cowboy Tuff Chex, another Guinness World record holder. This heifer has size, beautiful temperament, horns and colour in abundance in her breeding. Rodeo Rose is a winner and will not go wrong by adding her to your herd!

ROAD IRON (Tuxedo x HBL Drag Princess) - HBL CHERRY ROSE (Well Armed x HBL Cherry Ripe)

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