Horns, Skulls and Hides

Texas Longhorn Skulls
We occasionally have genuine bleached Texas Longhorn skulls and polished horns available for sale. These are from our cattle and the quantity is limited. We process the skulls ourselves and they have been through an extensive cleaning, bleaching and finishing process. When you receive the product you can be assured that they will be pristinely clean and odour free. Matter of fact these skulls look like they have been sitting and bleaching since their ancestors walked up the old Chisholm Trail...

All of our Longhorns are processed quickly, humanely and treated with all the dignity and respect that cattle like this deserve.

At the moment we don't have any of our Texas Longhorn skulls available but we have processed and finished some real nice horns and skulls including some traditionally mounted horns. The skulls are easily disassembled and reassembled and are ready to hang on the wall of your office, den, above the fireplace, in your restaurant, club house or boardroom. Go to our Bethel Saddlery online shop to see the horns and skulls that are available.

We also sell tanned cowhides including some from our very own cattle as well as great value hides imported from South America. These hides come in every colour imaginable, they are durable and very unique and we also have calf hides in stock. They fold up nicely and are easy to post to anywhere in Australia. See the cowhides available at our Bethel Saddlery online shop.

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