JR - Guinness World Record

Texas Longhorns have many well known traits but the best known of them all is their famous long horns. This page will showcase Horseshoe B Longhorns very own 'Johnny Reb' aka 'JR'

JR was born on January 3, 2005 and at an early age he showed exceptional horn growth. Once we knew that he was going to be something special, we measured his horns regularly and the rate of growth amazed us. We decided in 2011 to see how he stood up against the steer that held the Guinness World Record (another Texas Longhorn) and decided to submit an application.

After obtaining a verified measurement of his horns we submitted the claim to Guinness World Records in London and within weeks we received the certificate that stated he was the new Guinness World Record holder. His photo and details are in the 2013 Guinness World Records book.

His horns now measure more than 119" or 3.0 metres tip to tip and he is the star attraction at Leahton Park's Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours. Even though he has suffered some damage to the tips of his horns, they are still growing and we are excited to think where they will eventually end up.

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